Leola Anderson Spyker – promoted to Glory

Leola Anderson Spyker has been a missionary to Mexico and served the Lord for 60 years as a church planter, evangelists, teacher and mentor to countless people that are in ministry today. Sister Leola, as we call her affectionately, went to be with the Lord after a brief illness on August 19th. She was residing in McAllen Texas. Missionary Revival Crusade had the honor of having her affiliated with this ministry for a better part of her ministry years.


Remember your leaders. They taught God’s message to you. Remember how they lived and died, and copy their faith. Hebrews 13 : 7

Missionary to Mexico and beyond for 60 years!

Missionary to Mexico and beyond for 60 years!

When I heard about Sis Leola’s departure for heaven, it brought back so many memories of instances in which her life of exemplary faith bore such effective fruit!  She came to Mexico by faith, and almost immediately the Lord gave her a specific mission to teach Daniel and Ruby Spanish…of which they were eternally grateful!  Just think, every time my father preached, she had a part in the victories, miracles and conversions of thousands upon thousands of people who came into the kingdom of light in Christ!

She brought you up in the Lord’s favor and grace, all four of you Joy, John, Tom and Sandra so that you in turn you could be instruments in the hands of God, fashioning you into the fine men and women you are now. She was always very loving and caring over you; and she did not like it, if one of you was being treated unjustly.  She would fight for you, and above all she would pray and intercede until she knew that the Lord had intervened on your behalf!

Her smile and excitement about life, were contagious! She wanted to influence men and women of God, to go to the unreached peoples, who would remain “lost” if no one cared for their soul!  She was tireless, and so unselfish… pride was not one of her faults, as she walked humbly in the shadow of the Almighty!  I saw her tears, as she faced situations that were so hurtful, but yet sought that those who were hurting be comforted by the Father of love!  She definitely lived a life of faith that is worthy of being imitated!  Mom Spyker, never left room for bitterness in her heart during the trials that tested her faith, and the result was gold tested and approved by the fire!

How many times, she committed to serving, giving, living for others; not knowing where the finances would come from, to carry out the “works” she was convinced she had heard from God on… Hna Leola had that gleam in her eyes, she knew, God would come through because she did not look to man, but knew that He was her ever-flowing fountain of provision.  She was such an inspiration to all of us, and we rise up together with you and call her Blessed!

She was in our home more than once over the years, and she left an indelible mark on our lives!  We will miss her, but so rejoice at what she is now experiencing in the presence of the Lord with all the other MRC pioneers, that most likely came to her encounter. Imagine what the scene is like, with Jim & Edith Carson, Daniel & Ruby Ost, Mary Livingston, Earl Quesnell, Linda West, Don & Vera Fankhauser, Myron and Ramona Anderson, Grandpa & Grandma Brueckner, Elmer & Millie Kooiman…and so many more; her parents and all those who have gone before us!  Wish we were there!  But let us get back down to earth and do all we can, to reach “one more soul” for Christ!

We love you all, through the tears (along with thousands of Mexicans, Spaniards and north Africans) of gratitude of having known such a fine woman of God, your sweet Mother,

Mark  Ost || Paris, France



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