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Alberto and Ann Aguilar are on the mission field in central Mexico.  Ann arrived there in 1994 as a single woman called by God to a small mining town in the state of San Luis Potosí.  At the same time, Alberto (who is Mexican) was led by God to return and finish his ministry studies in a nearby town.  They were married in 1995 and worked together to plant the first protestant church in this small community – which they still pastor today.  Issues in their town include a high rate of alcoholism and idolatry, as well as drug abuse and family dysfunction.  Ann and Alberto work to teach and mentor adults, youth, and children as well as friendship evangelism. They seek to disciple people in order to help them find the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ in their daily lives.  They have 3 children and hope to adopt a fourth in the future.

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April 2015 | Posted on July 19, 2015

May He find us faithful…
April 26, 2015

Hello from Mexico!
As I started to write this, I realized that it has been a very long time since I have written to all of you. I’m sorry about that! It has been a busy year…
As most of you remember, Leo (19) moved in with us last November. That makes us currently a family of 7. Leo has been doing well, and has become a member of our family. Today in church we celebrated both Ann’s and his mother Leti’s birthdays (along with a few others in the next few days). Leo gave both Ann and Leti a hug together. Leti is coming to church and is slowly changing. Please include her in your prayers, as the Lord continues to work in her to set her free from many unhealthy habits and dependencies. In case you are wondering, she is in agreement with Leo staying here. She knows that she wasn’t giving him the home he needed. He has learned much about cleanliness (brushing his teeth at night, regular bathing, decent, clean clothes), and regular school and house work are among the things he has learned here. He is also growing in a very real and beautiful relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray for him as he grows and heals from many psychological and emotional scars and learns to stand up for himself.
Vanessa (19 also), who has been here with us a little more than a year now, is also gradually changing. It has been a challenging year at times. Vane [van-ay], as we usually call her for short, has had to adjust to being part of a family. She was in children’s homes since being taken from her birth parents at about 2 years of age. She has many deep hurts which she needs to release to the Lord. That is something she is not yet willing to do. Pray for her that she would learn to depend on Jesus instead of looking to boys to cling to. Only God can heal, restore, and complete her. Pray for her that God will help her with school as well. It is hard for her, and we want to see her at least graduate from high school…
Lucas (18), graduates from high school this year. He and Ann will be traveling to MN for his graduation June 6 in Minneapolis. It is a long trip, but he feels that God wants him there. He will be graduating from TEACH Institute, the covering body we have homeschooled under since he was in 4th grade. Pray for him as he works to finish his coursework (he is taking difficult internet courses in Calculus and Economics which he is behind in) and also that God guides his future. He is praying about where to continue his studies and is still not sure of his future plans. For this coming year he feels he is to stay in Mexico however. He has been involved in a Christian youth alliance in the neighboring city of Matehuala, as well as in a new political party here in La Paz. (Mexico has a multi-party system rather than the 2 party system of the US.) In both of these organizations he is part of groups working to bring ethical and spiritual change to our region.
Evan (16) is doing well. He has grown in his walk with the Lord and is also doing well in school. He too is taking Thinkwell Economics and is a little behind though. He is practicing the guitar and studying both German and Italian. Today he preached in church and did well. Pray that God continues to raise him up to the purposes that only He knows.
Matthew (13) is finally starting to grow up. He has resisted doing his school for so long that it is shocking (and wonderful) that he is finally starting to make real effort to catch up. Pray for him that he continues to work to his ability and grows in his relationship with the Lord.
As for our church family, it is growing also. Today we had 47 people in church. (Our record is 51 for a regular Sunday service.) Eight years ago when we came back there were 2. One moved away and the other (along with more and more of her family) is still here. Pray that God continues to grow our church, raising up family in this small town where nearly everyone is related… We continue to work to see families restored, from alcoholism, abuse, and neglect. Pray that God continues to set whole families free!
For Easter we celebrated our Lord’s victory with our usual piñata and cake. As we’ve said in the past, Easter is rarely celebrated here. Good Friday, the pain and suffering of Christ, yes; Easter, His victorious resurrection, no. So we celebrate. The Friday before, we celebrated Passover with a Seder service. This is the first year that Ann didn’t have 2 days of dishwashing afterwards. Our kids washed them all…  What a blessing to have kids grow up!
In case you’re wondering, we did not end up raising up a school this year. We just have our 5 studying here. (That’s a bit all by itself…) There is a chance of a couple more students next year, but nothing is for sure yet. Please pray that God leads, directs and provides. We don’t want to neglect the ones we already have.
Thank you for your support and prayers, In Him whom we serve, the Aguilars—
Alberto, Ann, Vanessa (formerly Lidia), Leonardo, Lucas, Evan, and Matthew
P.S. We will be in the US (Minnesota mostly) from mid July til mid August. Let us know if you would like to get together… (Vanessa can’t come yet, but will stay with family as she doesn’t have US papers)

Aguilar 4 2015

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