Alcidez & Lillian Tews


Ministry: Go & Make!
Focus: Drug Rehabilitation and Prevention | Discipleship

About Alcidez & Lillian

Alcidez and Lilian Tews are serving in the mission field together since 1995 and in Brazil since 2000. Both were born in Argentina. Lilian grew up in the mission field with her parents, Carlos and Ursula Pedd, and met Alcidez when her parents returned as missionaries to Argentina in 1989.

They have two sons Carlos (13) and Brian (6). Their main focus is helping people with drug and alcohol problems, but also feel a burden for the families that live in the fields of Dom Pedrito, nearby the house they are establishing to receive the youth with addictions, sharing the gospel to the unreached.

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Alcidez & Lillian Tews
Master's Resourcing Commission
Serving in Brazil