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Todd and Yolanda Eklund live near Mexico City. Todd has been ministering there in the field of discipleship and friendship evangelism. More recently, Todd has been ministering in Asia as a language instructor. He goes between Asia and Mexico a couple of times a year. His wife stays in Mexico carrying out her ministry in family counseling.

For the last 10 years they have been able to hand out about 50,000 ‘CHICK flyers in different languages and bilingual New Testaments.

One prayer request is for Todd’s health. He was injured in a car/pedestrian accident and is not healing as fast as he would like.


Todd and Yolanda have an urgent need for vast amounts of powerful Gospel literature for distribution in their key part of Asia!

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July 2015 | Posted on July 19, 2015



Rejoicing in HIM:

* I have two weeks to go here this semester in teeming, pulsating and throbbing Beijing. The cheer is just about all out there. I did some “cheering” today at China’s renowned Qinghua University, just down the street from my U. Fall, Holy Ghost! Believing that this coming autumn we are going to see the greatest harvest of precious souls here ever. ACTS 2:17-21. ALELUYA!

* Beautiful and courageous Yolanda is sharing on in equally teeming, pulsating and throbbing Mexico City. She meets with her sewing ladies and neighbor ladies and super market ladies and beauty shop ladies several times a week. I call them Yola’s Damas del Espiritu Santo. She and they testify and share and pray together in the power of the Holy Ghost. The Lord keeps adding to their numbers and expanding their impact for Him. LUKE 1:33. SI SENOR! ES DE DIOS, HERMANAS VALIENTISIMAS! Y… NOS VEREMOS PRONTO! 🙂

Here’s a secret for you, dear friends. Yola and I used to think we had to rent theaters and meet in nice big buildings to get the job done for Him. (That was–and still can be–good.) But over the years we have come to realize that: the super market and the outdoor market, the classroom, the sewing shop, the barber shop… is where things are happening, where real koinonia/sharing is taking place EVERY DAY. AMEN AND AMEN! Come and join us if you can. These Acts 2 “last days” are the GREATEST days!!! The servants and the handmaidens (that’s you and me) are prophesying… sharing… proclaiming! And MULTITUDES are calling on that NAME!

Super love and thanks and blessings in YESHUA THE MESSIAH,
Todd and Yola

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