Carlos & Ursula Pedd


Ministry: Souls for Jesus Ministries
Focus: Substance abuse addiction prevention and recovery | Church planting

About Carlos & Ursula

Carlos and Ursula Pedd have worked in the mission field for more than 32 years and lived in 4 different countries;  evangelizing to Latin immigrants in Milwaukee, USA; founded Centro Biblico churches in Oaxaca, Mexico; helped establish Reto Centers (drug rehab evangelistic centers) in Cantabria, Spain. They currently live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they initiated and direct national Reto rehab evangelizing centers for people with drug, alcohol, and physical abuse problems. Their ministry has spread across 5 provinces of Argentina. They also serve as pastors to Reto church, holding special week long gospel summer activities for over 100 children; prayer groups for women, and family bible studies.

They have 4 children, all married and serving in missions, and 5 grandchildren.

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Carlos & Ursula Pedd
Master's Resourcing Commission
Serving in Argentina