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About Dalen & Cynthia

The purpose of Revivalfire Ministries has always held the winning of lost souls as the preeminent goal of our efforts.  It is the very definition of Charity and the very essence of the Cross.  That goal has been expressed most effectively by use of various media such as radio, TV, newspaper columns, and the Internet, and through revival meetings in churches across Africa.

While winning souls is the goal, the promotion of a true Holy Ghost revival is the medium to achieve that.  The message to the Body of Christ to return to God so that He may restore and revive us is central throughout the Bible and fundamental for a true and full restoration.

How, where, and when God will send revival is His decision.  That being said, I also believe that decision is sparked by those who, in desperation for the presence of God, are willing to pay whatever price that God requires. Hearts that are aflame to cry out for revival move the heart of the God.  God hears desperate prayer. As a result, Revivalfire Ministries is dedicated to first expose our need for revival, then foster a desperate desire for it, promote a broken-hearted repentance so we can receive it, and finally, point the way through the Scriptures on how to obtain it.  My vision is to promote the prophetic reality of the last great revival just before the return of Jesus Christ and to engraft that same vision into the hearts of as many as I can.

I believe that God will send revival to Africa first.  Africa is so desperately hungry for a true move of God—more so than America, Europe, or Asia – it is like a field of dry grass that is brittle and parched and white. It is with such dry tinder that God can light a fire hot enough to send the blaze around the world.

I hope to be a match that will help kindle a blaze that will ignite the world into the greatest revival of all time.

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Dalen & Cynthia Garris
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