Dan & Shelley Brueckner

United States

Sending Church: Swanton Christian Church
Ministry: Reaching the Lost
Website: http://swantonchristianchurch.org/
Focus: Swanton Christian Church

About Dan & Shelley

We are currently pastoring a church in a small village in Vermont. The Lord led us here by a dream I had while we were living in the country of Macedonia. I have met several young people in this area who had never heard of Jesus. It was a shock. We have seen a number of people come to Christ. There seems to be a high rate of suicide. Many in our congregation have either thought about committing suicide or actually attempted it and failed. They have found hope in Christ. Just this past Sunday a young man came into the church asking for help because he had almost committed suicide the night before. We have sent one missionary family out from our church into Honduras. Now our son John and his wife Clare want to serve the Lord in Africa as the Lord would open up a door to them.

I continue to take a couple trips a year to Europe to evangelize and keep up with the work we started while living in Macedonia.

We will be doing a lot of evangelism in the local parks this spring and summer. We’ve been able to get a booth at the local fair and share the gospel with many people there as well and we look forward to doing it again this year. We want to disciple new believers and raise up new leaders for the church.

We would appreciate prayer for:

  • God’s power to come upon us to accomplish His work in His way.
  • A breakthrough with the Native American’s in our area.
  • For the lost in our area to find hope in Christ and a reason to live instead of suicide.
  • For wisdom and discernment in the ministry.

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Dan & Shelley Brueckner
Master's Resourcing Commission
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