John & Angela Nickel

Oaxaca, Mexico

Ministry: My Father's Ministries

About John & Angela

By God’s grace we are planting Kingdom Business discipleship centers, known in the Bible as vineyards. Our 20 years in Mexico started with planting churches on the Oaxaca coastline and then moving into helping young people start and grow their own future as members of a COOP, where we have as our vision the helping of other young people in their struggles to enter into society. The young people live together, work together and play together as well as build their financial future together. We have seen God prosper the project, which uses a restaurant called Pizza Time, to build work and society attitudes into the young people. Pray for us that God would continue to give us wisdom on how to reproduce this project as other young people have seen the prosperity and communion of these young people and want to start the project in their own cities.  We currently have 2 restaurants in town with the third one opening up in October of 2012.

Our family consists of myself and my wife Angela, our two grown children Joshua (28) and Melinda (26) and her mexican husband Celestino and our two grandchildren Rohani and Amaya.

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John & Angela Nickel
Master's Resourcing Commission
Serving in Oaxaca, Mexico