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Ministry: Call to Commitment
Website: http://calltocommitment.blogspot.com
Focus: Radio / Writer-author / Discipleship / Youth Conference Speaker

About Lowell & Margaret

Lowell arrived in Mexico for the first time as a teenager in 1961 and returned full-time under the Missionary Revival Crusade in 1965. He met his wife, Margaret and were married. In late 1966 they moved down to the Costa Chica in Oaxaca, doing pioneer evangelism and church planting. He returned to the area in 2009 and was thrilled to see what God has done… the gospel is indeed the power of God unto salvation. Lowell was able to witness that it is His work and He carries on through His choice of vessels to start and finish it. Churches that they helped to found have been established and grown. Some towns where they preached, but failed to see anything established, now have large churches with thriving young peoples’ groups. Twenty years to the month after moving to Oaxaca, Mexico; his family boarded a plane for Europe. At first they lived in Germany until their family was all grown up and married. Then, Margaret and Lowell moved to Spain in 2002.

Lowell travels about half the time, while Margaret keeps the home fires burning. She attends a very nice church with a 130 year history, in the town of Marin, Galicia. This area probably has more gospel than most parts of Spain, largely due to missionaries from England who landed here so many years ago and went to work. Margaret fellowships with a group of ladies, who are very active in prayer and Bible study.

Lowell has traveled to about 35 countries now from Argentina to India. Quite simply, trying to walk through doors that God opens to preach to the lost and edify the Body of Christ. At home, he is involved in a lot of writing, having just completed his eighth book (still hasn’t gone to the printers). All his books have been translated from English to Spanish, and other translations include German and Romanian. There is a possibility of one being done in Norwegian and another in Macedonian. The internet really gives opportunity to counsel and answer questions from people all over the world through email and Skype.

Another opportunity for ministry is to speak at a lot of youth and family camps, particularly in Romania. In 2011, he participated in at three or four camps. God has moved, sometimes powerfully at these camps, resulting in lasting conversions and baptisms in the Holy Spirit – quite spontaneously. In 2011, he was also able to take a second trip to India; going to the area where there was severe persecution in 2008. This incident of persecution made world-wide news. Many Christians were tortured and killed and families lost everything, when their homes were burnt. Lowell spoke there to a group of pastors, who had survived the persecution, though some had lost their homes. His host and his family hid in the jungle for several days and then in the home of a sympathetic Hindu.

2012 was more of the same, in his observations. Lowell has been invited to return to India and camps in Romania will start this spring. Also, he has been invited to speak at a wedding. Lowell records a radio programs for distribution over the internet. These recordings consist of bible teachings in Spanish transmitted in Spain and worldwide. You may read some of Lowell’s writings in his periodical “A Call To Commitment”.

Lowell states: “Please pray for strength – I’m not getting any younger – but above all pray for a continuous anointing of the Holy Spirit. Only He can do God’s business and, if I have one fear, it is to stand before people by myself and try to convey eternal and heavenly things. It can’t be done.

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Lowell & Margaret Brueckner
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