Mark & Denise Ost

Paris, France

Ministry: His Hand Extended
Focus: Church planting/pastors | Teacher Bible College | Ministry Mentor

About Mark & Denise

Mark Ost is son of  Daniel and Ruby Ost.  Mark felt the Lord’s call at the age of 12, in a missionary family setting.
After 5 years of Bible School, he began his adult ministry in Mexico, at the age of 21.

Since then Bryan, Monique, Esther, Ruby, Rachael, Sarah and Michael have joined their “quiver-full”.

Their ministry consist of church planting, teaching and training leaders as well as caring for pastors. Mark has a deep desire to see missionaries be led all over the French-speaking world.

He believes strongly that MRC has it’s place in the church at large, as a sending  agency into the “ripe harvest fields”!

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Mark & Denise Ost
Master's Resourcing Commission
Serving in Paris, France