Miguel & Gloria Benitez-Pedd


Ministry: …For Others to Know Him
Focus: Substance abuse - addiction prevention and recovery | Pastors

About Miguel & Gloria

Miguel and Gloria Benitez-Pedd are missionaries in the city of Posadas, Misiones, a province of Argentina. They have been working in that area for more than 8 years helping men, women, and children with drug and alcohol abuse problems through Reto Centers by offering bed, food, and the message of salvation to all who need it.   There are 4 Reto Centers established in that area: 1 for women, 2 for men, and 1 for children with different abuse situations. The Reto Centers hold more than 150 interns in the 4 Centers. Miguel and Gloria are also Pastors to the Reto Church in Posadas, where families are evangelized and later attend meetings. Miguel and Gloria have been married for more than 12 years, having met working in the Reto Ministries in the Province of Buenos Aires, where they both served God when single. They have a 4 year old son – Joshua Samuel.

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Miguel & Gloria Benitez-Pedd
Master's Resourcing Commission
Serving in Argentina