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Ministry: Barnabas Ministries
Focus: Worldwide teaching ministry | Leadership development | Church planting | Author

About Phillip & Carolyn

Phillip and Carolyn Israelson have served in missions since 1976.  Under the care of Bro. Daniel Ost, they were able to join “Missionary Revival Crusade”.  Brother Daniel Ost made the opportunity to become an “Independent Branch” of the Mission called “Barnabas Ministries of Missionary Revival Crusade”.  It is through the Mission today called “Master’s Resourcing Commission” that Phillip has ministerial papers and receives their personal support today.  Phillip travelled with “Danny” Ost in Mexico, Guatemala, France, Africa and India preaching and teaching the word of God.  During this time Phillip began to develop and teach a series called “The Six Principles for Growth in Christ” of the book of Hebrews and much more instruction for the believers to live the Christian life by the Spirit of God.

In addition to teaching and developing the spiritual lives of believers all over the world, Phillip and Carolyn were invited in 1978 to visit Israel for the first time.  God began to put a desire in him to search out the scripture as to why Israel is important to Christians today.  He has been on a giant learning curve for 27 years to understand the connection between Israel and the Church.  This process has taken him to Israel over 70 times since 1978.  He has participated in the annual January Intercessors for Israel prayer conference in Jerusalem, taught in Israeli congregations, and taken many Bible Study tours to both Israel and parts of the Middle East with his wife Carolyn.

Currently Phillip and Carolyn both coordinate Bible Study groups and teach for the Carmel School of Ministry in Haifa, Israel.  Phillip and Carolyn have 5 grown children who live in the Seattle, Washington area.

 The basis of their calling is a “Barnabas Ministry”. 

•1.  To encourage believers. 

•2.  To teach the scriptures. 

•3.  To introduce gifted men and women of God to the Church worldwide for edification and blessing. 

•4.  To instruct in the way of righteousness and

•5.  Bless the believing remnant living in Israel.

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Phillip & Carolyn Israelson
Master's Resourcing Commission
Serving in multiple countries