Vera Frankhauser – with the Lord

Long time MRC friend and supporter was promoted to her eternal home on Friday, August 16th.

The following tribute was prepared by Mark Ost, MRC missionary to France.


Vera Frankhauser - Minnesota

Vera Frankhauser – Minnesota

My earliest memories of Sis. Vera were the great missionary get-togethers and great meals and desserts at hers and Bro. Don’s home…in the 1960’s!   She most definitely had the gift of hospitality, had such a big heart and above all was an intercessor.  All of us MRC kids, knew that Sis Vera loved us, took the time to talk to us, and made us feel important and informed us that she prayed for us ! And later on as an adult missionary, we knew she would do it, if she made us the promise !

Those Cokato Missionary Conferences were special yearly gatherings, to encourage the missionaries and their families… She played a great part in the organizing of these “oasis” moments, but from what I remember it all started two days before when family upon family, would arrive at the Frankhauser’s Homestead, and were treated like royalty.  And then we would all make our way over to Cokato City Hall for three glorious days together around immersed in missions, and God’s visitation upon us !

She loved Missions!  She supported Missions! She honored missionaries!

 She believed in God’s individual call on each life, and on more than one occasion, visited the mission field!

How many times, my parents were in touch with this great couple, to run things by, perhaps major decisions, important matters; but basically so that they on the foreign mission field, be re-assured that Bro Don and Sis Vera would present these prayer subjects, before the throne of grace.  Because they were great intercessors!  And we all knew, that everything would turn out alright because they had prayed.  After my mother went home to be with the Lord in 1987, Sis Vera asked me if she could be one of the praying (in the background saints), that could surround us in prayer as Mother had done  in life!

She loved singing the old hymns, and regretted in a way that as the church of our day evolves, there were less and less of hymns sung, that had such a vital and profound message.  Because that was one thing she was not, a superficial or mediocre Christian… She was saddened by all the changes taking place, where she sensed that the Gospel message was being « watered down »… I appreciate her way of standing for the truth no matter what! I had some meaningful times of sharing with her, and could sense that she would be willing to give her all for her Savior!  A few years ago, I stopped by and we even talked about what it would be like when persecution came to the western church, and she was in agreement to say, that the church needed to go through a season of purification, to prepare herself as the Bride, wearing a robe without spot or wrinkle, and above all, committed to living for the Glory of God !

Today I join with you in honoring her memory and testimony of victory in her life,

                                                                         Mark and (Denise) Ost and family

For those interested in the funeral celebration, here are the pertinent details:

Visitation:  Friday, August 30, at 10 a.m.–Discover Church, 14300 West Burnsville Parkway, Burnsville, MN

Funeral:  11 a.m.–Discover Church

Internment:  Glendale Cemetery, McColl Drive, Savage, MN

Thank you for your prayers for the Frankhauser family.