What is MRC?

Master’s Resourcing Commission (MRC) also known as Missionary Revival Crusade – was formed to assist a group of families and individuals that come together with a varied set of skills and vision to carry out the Great Commission.

Master’s Resourcing Commission was called into existence to fulfill a threefold purpose:

  1. Revival among God’s People
  2. Preparation of workers for God’s harvest
  3. To reach the lost with the saving message of Christ

Since 1958, MRC partners have traveled across the Globe, bringing their families along to plant churches, penetrated deep in far and away places to indigenous villages, help people to become free of substance addictions, started bible schools, and many other forms of ministry.

MRC provides its members/partners the home-base help they need, so they can focus on their ministry endeavors. The MRC office in the USA is prepared to accept donations on behalf of the members and to promptly process the donated funds so they can be put to good use on a timely basis. MRC is a 501(c )3 not for profit corporation. MRC was incorporated in the state of Texas and remains in good standing concerning accounting and reporting practices for the finances that are channeled through this office. Each missions partner is self-directed. MRC does not send a partner to a specific location or task. Each partner goes as led. MRC provides the covering that may be needed for these endeavors.

Since its inception, MRC partners have preached and taught the Good News to countless peoples in Latin America, Europe (Spain and France mainly) and parts of Central and South America. The formats of ministry expression are varied, MRC partners are involved in the following types of ministry:

  • Bible Schools
  • Radio programs
  • Internet radio
  • Church planting
  • Comprehensive Drug Rehab Assistance
  • K-12 schools
  • Discipleship and teaching
  • Cell and small groups
  • Printed media
  • Open air evangelistic rallies
  • Ministry to those with special needs

If you would like contact one of the MRC partners or the main office, please click on the PARTNERS tab and find the partner by using the drop down list. Once in  the desired partner page, you can send an e-mail or also make a contribution to this MRC partner.